About us

Dental Republic is a modern and well equipped dental practice offering a range of treatments and services to your entire family at reasonable prices. With our caring and professional approach to every patient we can make sure your treatment will be painless and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere.

Root Canal Treatment

  1. X-Ray – we thoroughly examine the extent of decay to ensure successful treatment.
  2. Local anaesthetic – administered into the gum ensures painless procedure.
  3. Removal of the infected pulp – the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned.
  4. Disinfection – the empty root canal is rinsed and cleaned from remaining pulp and thoroughly disinfected.
  5. Filling – the tooth is packed with a filling during the first or second visit to seal it and prevent bacteria penetration.
  6. Finish – crown is applied or the tooth is rebuilt with composite for protection.