Price list

General Dentistry

Consultation/Check-up free
Local anaesthetic (with every treatment) free
Filling 100-220zł
Dressing / Change of dressing 50zł
Fiberglass post and core treatment 350zł
Extraction 150zł
Surgical extraction 250-500zł
Abscess draining 50zł


Treatments for Children

Adaptation visit / Check-up free
Local anaesthetic free
Filling 100zł
Fluoride varnish 60zł
Fissure sealant 60zł
Extraction 80zł


Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

Endodontic treatment of one root canal 250zł
Endodontic treatment of two root canals 350zł
Endodontic treatment of three root canals 450zł
Endodontic treatment of an additional root canal 80zł
Repeat endodontic tooth treatment 150zł
Rebuilding of the tooth after root canal treatment 200zł
Devitalisation 70zł
Additional visit (when dressing is needed) 80zł



Scaling with polish 250zł
Sandblasting 120zł
Scaling with sandblasting and fluoridation 250zł
Dental curettage with medication application od 70 do 150zł
Fluoride varnish 60zł
Devitalised tooth whitening 60zł
Fitted mouth-tray teeth whitening 600zł


Dental Prosthetics

Full ceramic crowns fused to zirconia 1200zł
Ceramic crown fused to CrCo shell 600zł
Cr Co shell 300zł
Fiberglass post and core treatment 150zł
Acrylic denture – 1 arch 600zł
Nylon denture – 1 arch 1200zł
Metal dentures 1500zł
Occlusal splint therapy 400zł
Fitted tooth guard for sports 350zł